How to Set Up Django Website For 5 seconds

Looking for easy way to set up Django website! Here I'll show you simple  bash script that  will allow you tu set up Django Website in 5 second. You can see the content of script on my github acc .

So, to set up Django website run these commands :

wget ;dos2unix;chmod +x

First command will download bash script to your pc and it give execute permission to script. 


Second command will run the script

Then just fill necessary information like name of django project , super user information and script will do the rest

create django website one click

create django website in 5 seconds

create django website easy way

It will automaticly deploy your project to django development server on port 5000. In you'll see a lot comments as examples of field types , queries,  ...

You can see on   which filles will script create. Also you can clone it with command

git clone Aug. 7, 2015, 5:32 p.m.