Free Django CMS Contact Form plugin

If you're looking for easy way to set up contact form on Djnago website, then you came to the right place. In this article we will present you free django cms contact form plugin, with nice and responsible design . 


Go to page  .On the right click on Downlaod Zip , extract files and navigate to folder Django-CMS-Contact-Form-Plugin/cmsplugin-contact-master /

There you need to run command

python install

If you have git , then you can use

git clone



Open and add 'cmsplugin_contact' under INSTALLED_APS 


In you need to add your email configuration information, for example I've created email address on webfaction web hosting , so I've added in 



DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = 'my_email _address'

If you want to use gmail ,  then .. 



We will use  south migrate to syncronize plugin database with django CMS , execute commands 

python migrate --fake
python schemamigration cmsplugin_contact --auto
python migrate cmsplugin_contact


If you don't have south then execute : 

python syncdb



After this we will able to add Contact form through placeholder,  go to django CMS edit mode "?edit", select Structure  and add Contact Form 


Through DjangoCMS interface you can set up , contact form settings. 


Contact form looks as show on image below : Dec. 22, 2014, 5:55 a.m.